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World Mental Health Day 2022

Today is World Mental Health Day 🌍💚*.

In a climate of growing social and economic inequalities, it can be difficult to believe a single action by an individual will have any impact ❤️‍🩹.

At The Worry Wizard, we are building a magical team of people who believe that if, by what you say or do, you help 1 person’s mental health and Wellbeing, your work is done. Well, almost 😘!

But, maybe, today, we can all hold this thought:

Today, I am going to positively impact 1 person’s mental health and Wellbeing.

What might you do? 💭🤔

😊- A smile.

💙- A kind gesture.

❓- An open question, ‘How are you today?’ (Remember to ask twice).

Or maybe the person’s mental health you most need to help today is yours. Listen closely and be kind. I wonder, what do you most need to offer yourself today? Please try to offer it to yourself.

If you'd like some support and a soft-landing place while you think about your mental health today, please have a good look around our blog page for helpful articles and stories.

You may enjoy sharing these gentle and fun resources you can enjoy with your child,

Worry Wizard TAKEOVER Questions
Download PDF • 3.24MB
Worry Wizard TAKEOVER
Download PPSX • 57.95MB
Stop Worry Spray Activity
Download PDF • 2.37MB

If you have any questions, please get in touch, I'm here, Amy✨🌍💚

*World Mental Health Day is an annual event organised by The World Health Organisation. It is an opportunity for us to ‘play our part in increasing awareness and contributing to a world in which mental health is valued, promoted and protected. Where everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy mental health and to exercise their human rights, and where everyone can access the mental health care they need.’

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