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World Mental Health Day 2023 - 'It's Okay to Bee Sad'

Today is World Mental Health Day 🌍💚. A day when we join together and let children know that they are not alone with their mental health.

At The Worry Wizard® we are doing everything we can to help grownups show children that they matter, that their mental health matters and to offer both grownups and children the support they need with their mental health at the point they most need it ✨.

We are so fortunate to walk alongside incredible children who want to share with us all their brilliant ideas on how to get active and support their Wellbeing 💫.

Today we announce the winners of our ‘Sticker Design Competition 2023’ 🏆. Our winners will have received special Worry Wizard post, celebrating them and their sticker design 💌🌍💫. We had so many gorgeous entries, trying to choose our winners was not an easy job, but we got there. Being able to see the messages that our brilliant Worry Wizards thought were the most important has been a privilege.

Please keep your eye on our social media and stories over the next while as we celebrate each winner but, also, many of our other competition entries. Let’s celebrate their magic, together🪄✨.

Here is our winning design by Baran, age 10. In a world where it can feel as though you're only allowed to feel certain emotions, how incredible for children to know that 'it's okay to bee sad'. We have worked with the incredible Flying Pig Embroidery to turn Baran's design into a stunning embroidered patch she can put on her clothes or a blanket to celebrate her and all the children she will help with her message. (Check out our stories).

And, finally, it is here, today is the day 💻✨. We are launching our portal – our online home for all things Worry Wizard. Our portal will enable our Worry Wizard schools to access our content in the best way possible. So much work has gone into it and the early feedback suggests it’s all been worth it 🤗. We are ready to support more schools to help their children’s Wellbeing shine! Do get in touch to find out more.

I hope you are okay today. Remember, you matter, and so does your mental health 💚, Amy✨.

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