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Worldwide Wellbeing Postal Service...goes global!

Have you heard of The Worry Wizard Worldwide Wellbeing Postal Service 🌎 💌 💫? We’re on a mission to send Wellbeing shine around the world 🌎. And today, we’d love you to celebrate with us as we send Wellbeing shine further than we’ve ever sent it before, over 5655 kms all the way to Maryland, USA 🇺🇸!

This Christmas, I watched one of my favourite Christmas films 🎥🍿(again!), ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. Clarence’s questioning over why he needs to go to Earth to help George Bailey really struck me,

“Is he sick?”

No worse. He is discouraged.”

My heart ached at these words. I recognise this in so many children and young people I meet, they are discouraged ❤️‍🩹. And it’s not good enough. Finding ways to show discouraged children that they matter, that they’re seen, that they’re celebrated…that is the work of our postal service 🌎💌💫. On our stories today you will see some of the Wellbeing shine packed post our magical Postmaster General, Tracey, sends out. Keep an eye out for Tracey’s highly skilled Assistant Postmaster, Rory.

He firmly believes with his four paws at the helm, our Worldwide Wellbeing Shine Postal Service will go from strength to strength. Who are we to disagree 🐾🥰?!

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