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"That's the Perfect Way to Feel..."

I heard this phrase this week and it made me smile😊. We want our children to feel curious about their emotional world. Sensing or believing they are 'doing it wrong' can shut their Curiosity off. (And, yes, I write Curiosity with a capital 'C'. It is one of the 10 Wellbeing Qualities I believe help to underpin Wellbeing.) I love the idea of children believing they are 'doing feelings just right'. It reminds me of the 'Love is...' drawings that were popular when I was child. I wonder if 'Love is...supporting our children to feel the feelings they are feeling rather than trying to speed them away as swiftly as possible towards feelings we believe will be more comfortable for them to feel.' I may need to work on making this snappier😉! I wonder what you think, Amy✨ P.s. Can you can guess what the other 9 Wellbeing Qualities are? If you have a moment, perhaps you could try guessing with your child or children. You will find the answers here on our 'How to Make Your Wellbeing Shine!' poster. #fromworriestowellbeing #earlyintervention #emotionalliteracy #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthsupport #childmentalhealth #childmentalhealthmatters #childmentalhealthawareness #feelings #earlyintervention

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